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Team Kiefer - Ride for Mitchel

Jamie Mistry

Jamie Mistry

I'm jumping on my bike and riding at least 100 miles this September to support my team at the Kiefer Foundation, and our friends at the League of Michigan Bicyclists!

We share a common goal - to end distracted driving.
Please support us this month by making a contribution and sharing this page with your family and friends.
Every dollar we raise will advance our work and help to save lives.
Join us in this important challenge! Together, we can make a difference!

101 Miles!

I managed to get my 100+ miles in (by the skin of my teeth!) for the month of September! THANK YOU to all of the many dear friends who supported my passion for this important cause. Your cheers were inspiring, and your dollars will be put to good use. I rode for Mitchel Kiefer, and over many of the miles I pedaled, I have to admit, I saw the landscape through a very different lens. Crisp Autumn mornings on Lake Michigan, gliding though the wooded DTE trails out in Chelsea, sunsets over the Huron River, all of these are things that a bright, kind-hearted, sweet and thoughtful young man should have been experiencing for many more years than he spent with us on this earth. Lives, full of opportunity and light, should not be ended by distracted driving. Please put your hands on the wheel (or your handlebars!) and drive. #kieferfoundation #itcanwait #HandsFreeMichigan

I rode 8 miles towards my goal!

I rode 15 miles towards my goal!


I rode 7 miles towards my goal!

I rode 19 miles towards my goal!


I rode 25 miles towards my goal!


I'm 'Riding for Mitchel' this September!

I rode 20 miles towards my goal!


I rode 7 miles towards my goal!


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BIKE IT! Commuter Challenge

101 miles
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